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Directions for the Road to a Well-Organized Dorm Room
Jul 13 2006

UNION, N.J., July 13 /PRNewswire/ -- If you thought getting into college was stressful, wait until you try to fit all of your worldly possessions into a room the size of your closet at home and realize that you'll have to share it with someone else.

That is just one of many challenges you'll encounter along the academic superhighway called college. Things like picking a major, getting an internship and getting along with your roommate will come later. Here are the main challenges you'll be facing on the entrance ramp to college. The experts at Bed Bath & Beyond(R) have a few suggestions to avoid taking a wrong turn.

    *  Work with a comprehensive checklist. This will get you organized and
       help you decide what you need to shop for and what you can take from
       home. It will also have things that you may not have even thought you
       needed, like a fan for when there's no air conditioning in your dorm or
       an inflatable mattress for those visiting friends. You can find a
       checklist to "Equip Your Space(R)" in all Bed Bath & Beyond stores or

    *  Don't take it all with you.  Bed Bath & Beyond offers their
       "Pack & Hold" service. You can shop at the Bed Bath & Beyond near home
       and then pick it up at a Bed Bath & Beyond store near your college or
       they can ship it directly to your school. Online, you can order all
       your college essentials and have them shipped to school on the date you

    *  The trick is to make use of every corner and surface in your dorm room,
       high and low, to maximize space and storage. There is an over-the-door
       solution for everything from shoes to hats and an under-bed solution
       for sweaters, sheets and towels. Remember the space under the bed is
       your second closet; it just happens to be horizontal.

    *  Contact your roommate and try to decide on a color scheme and who is
       bringing what so you avoid bringing doubles. You may not both like the
       same look but at least you can try to coordinate your bedding colors
       and themes. Visit the Dorm Decorating Ideas pages on

    If you hit a speed bump along the way, remember these tips:

    *  A collapsible step stool can come in handy to reach the top of your
       wardrobe, bookshelves, and even the top of the SUV when you're ready to
       pack up for the summer.

    *  When you get to your dorm room, cover your mattress with a quilted
       mattress pad, then a feather bed, and finally with your new sheets and
       comforter. You'll feel like you're sleeping at a four star hotel, not
       the freshman quad.

    *  Remember to make a copy of all the important papers and keys you're
       taking and leave them home. It's a sure thing something will get lost
       at school and Mom or Dad will know where the extra set is. Overnight
       mail is a great thing.

Visit Bed Bath & Beyond stores nationwide or online at and let the experts help make shopping for college and decorating your dorm room easy, simple and stress-free.

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