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Spring Cleaning, Organizing and Decorating is as Easy as 1-2-3
Mar 14 2007

UNION, N.J., March 14 /PRNewswire/ -- If you are agonizing over what lies ahead for your annual spring cleaning -- relax!

"When it comes to spring cleaning, organizing and decorating, make sure you are realistic with the time allocated for each task," suggests Bari Fagin of Bed Bath & Beyond(R). "Focus on one area of your home at a time to eliminate the daunting task of top-to-bottom cleaning."

Fagin offers these tips to help make your tasks easier and time more productive.


  • CLEAN: Nothing gets dirtier than a garbage can and sometimes a good scrub just won't cut it. Try a stainless steel can from simplehuman(R), available in many different sizes and shapes that fit conveniently into any space in your kitchen.
  • ORGANIZE: Under-the-sink storage shelves help maximize the storage space beneath your sink, often the most under-utilized and disorganized space in the kitchen. Snap-on shelves allow you to adjust the width and the innovative design allows room for the sink's drainage pipe.
  • DECORATE: Trade in your worn-out, grease-stained kitchen towels and pot holders for new ones in fresh spring colors. Add a stainless steel over-the-cabinet towel bar or hook to display your new accessories.
  • CLEAN: To remove allergens and other critters that may call your mattress home, start by vacuuming both sides of your mattress. Then cover your mattress with a CleanRest(TM) Elite Ultimate Allergen Barrier Mattress Protector. This cover is breathable, waterproof and helps prevent the transmission of dust mites, mold spores, pollen and other allergens from your mattress to you. Zippered for 360 degrees of protection, it totally encases your mattress, breathes naturally and provides a comfortable sleep.
  • ORGANIZE: Start with your closet. If you need more room in your closet, try ultra slim flocked hangers. The slim shape of these hangers provides three times the amount of closet space. Best of all, the velvety surface prevents clothing from slipping.
  • DECORATE: In order to satisfy your inner interior decorator, Bed Bath & Beyond has introduced a new 20-piece complete bed set! This set comes with a comforter, bed skirt, two euro and two standard shams, two complete sheet sets, two decorative pillows and four window valances. It's all you need to make a dramatic change for spring.
  • CLEAN: Change your shower head. Over the years mineral deposits build up, so replacing the shower head not only adds to the aesthetic value of your bathroom, but it also increases your water flow. Treat yourself to a massage with the TurboSpin handheld shower head that has 6 spray settings and a 6 foot hose. To better enjoy your new shower head, add a curved shower rod to create up to eight additional inches of elbow room in your bath.
  • ORGANIZE: The Flip and Fit Shower Caddy from simplehuman(R) can help you sort through the endless array of shampoos, lotions and bath products. The stainless steel baskets adjust left to right and up and down to accommodate the various heights of your products.
  • DECORATE: Create additional storage by utilizing untapped space such as the area above the toilet bowl. Add a space saver cabinet with doors, like the Pacifica Space Saver. Its rich wood and texture look great and it stores your bath items out of sight but within reach.
  • CLEAN: There is nothing worse than carrying a vacuum up and down stairs all over the house to clean up after the kids. This spring, get a handheld vacuum for each floor of your home. This way clean up will be a snap and you won't cry over spilt crumbs.
  • ORGANIZE: Use a clear 42 Pocket Over-The-Door Vinyl Shoe Organizer to store toys, gloves/mittens and hats or arts and crafts supplies. Higher pockets are perfect for things you want to keep out of reach and lower pockets make their favorite toys accessible.
  • DECORATE: Turn bookshelves into storage units with baskets or totes that can be labeled with the contents. They give the space an organized look and make clean up easier and more fun for the kids. For younger children, label the totes or baskets with pictures so they know where to put their things away.

Visit Bed Bath & Beyond stores nationwide or online at and let the experts help make your spring cleaning, organizing and decorating as easy as 1-2-3.

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